Monday morning woke up at 5 am showered and packed then came to votech waiting on Mrs. Frascht to arrive to the scene. shortly after mrs. frascht arrived colton and jake made an appearance to the vetch we loaded out bags and got on the road to Tulsa. when we arrived to Tulsa we stopped and ate our midday meal at Arby’s. Next we checked into the Marriott Hotel. we put on our business attire and went to the convention at the Cox Business Center. next we listen to Jason Burks with retrospects  present all the cool things he does with his business and career. next we had a general conference where the original siri spoke the voice of the iPhone she told us about how she got started with her job. after that hour and a half we went to the hotel changed and went to teds cafe’ then we went back to the hotel and slept because we had to get up at 430 to be ready by 6 to eat by 7 to get there by 730 for me to check in and present at 8.

its 445 in the morning i shut off alarm and go back to sleep which i continued to do until 545.! we ate mcDonalds i orders a bacon and cheese mcMuffin and a caramel frappe we ate and then took off to the cox business center for presentation 730 i checked in and colton helped me practice before i went in! it went very well, a big 10 for Kaitlyn!! well next jake colton and i filmed just about everything no lie everything elevator buttons tree leaves people mirror you name it! then at 945 it was jake and colton turn to present as i waited in the hall by myself all alone with people staring at men cause i was standing there with every bag in my hands trying to text Tyler and i was failing.!next after they made there exit we filmed more and more until it was time for news broadcast we went and found you to check in but we already had so you went upstairs with us and waited with our materials and equipment. we did an alright job!?!!.. so i thought then we went to the general meeting.which is where the mini awards assembly happened and after that we found out who made it to finals. jake and colton made it to  finals!! so we ate there and they prepared then they presented again. then we went to the mall, i bought a 25 dollar case and a 16 dollar wax warmer a 5 dollar thing of wax for it at target but before target we went to the cheesecake factory. then we went back to the hotel and slept.

next morning woke up went to awards assembly it took three hours and mariah is going to nationals and then we went home !!!!!!!!!!!!! with many marks home!! after taco bell # best part of my life.!


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