Well, Today is January the 18th of 2017 and again today there are no fudge cookies there are m&m and as well as chocolate chip … no fudge cookies ):

Okay. well today i was working on my flyer and we’ll not what i want i only got like 5 screen shots so I decided at the end of class it was time to start fresh and i will tomorrow but what i have done today that i no longer believe in myself to do was an ocean and it doesn’t look to well i honestly hope it was deleted i put the colors down and attempt the blur tool and smudge toll many time i also tried the liquefier and nothings was working for me and so i decided to to move on with the sun and i colored the sun and no way could I draw a circle it looked awful so then i colored orange i was going to fade the colors together and i would just like to say this is much easier with colored pencils and paper. I think i do very well when it comes to painting and art but on the computer it will take time to learn. so here are my lovely few screen shots i managed to take of it. the last three images is what i hope i can do i believe mountains and a boat would be a bit easier at the moment.Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 8.31.01 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-18 at 8.31.09 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-18 at 10.25.56 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-18 at 10.28.35 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-18 at 10.28.40 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-18 at 10.34.59 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-18 at 10.35.05 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-18 at 10.49.01 AM.png


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