Really want Fudge cookies Day #3

Today I am working on the graphic flyer for BPA. Honesty I have no idea how to make a logo. Okay so I came up with keep moving forward and I pictured a steering wheel for like a ship and right now I’m working on word shop and it doesn’t want to work with me.

First I will go to view and then new guide and then select vertical then 50% and I will do the same for horizontal.then I will go to window then arrange and then ill select new window for I will go back to the windows menu and then I will select 2 up vertical and then I will place the ship wheel right in the center.

So at the moment I have part of my theme and the logo at the top and Im just not sure what I see. I am thinking and ocean and I am going to watch tutorials on how to paint water on photoshop



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