• Chapter: E7 is the shortcut for layers.when turning of layers just click the eye right next to the layer you turn off. and to turn them back on just click where the eye was before.you can’t move a flat layer because its flat you have to unlock the image in order to cut an move the image pieces around.so far I’m using things i did yesterday i can barley see anything with one eye so it makes it a bit difficult good thing i know where all the letters are on the key board. using the “v” key is the shortcut to the move tool.when customize the checkerboard pattern the first thing you need to do is go and click the PhotoShop menu drop down to preferences command and finally choose the transparency and gamut command.the checker board options will show up at the top of the screen.you may pick a custom color for the checker board.youlll notice when you change the color it doesn’t update in the thumbnail. shut the layer off and turn it back on and again you’ll notice the thumbnail,but it will have updated and have the color.

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