Chapter 3

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 10.20.37 AM.png

Right at the moment i am learning image size and resolution witch was confusing, but i think it’ll get easier the more i do it.the image size command was really easy to get down. it helps size the image where you want and to see past pixels. the resolution standards was mainly about printing and how to blow up the picture with out seeing pixels. in the up sampling video he talk about scanners and camera data. this video was sort of difficult, but i just rematched it a couple of times and understand it better now. changing the print resolution we duplicated it and kept and compared the original with other copies. when downsampling for prints there is a lot of pixels. the short cut for printing is cmd + p witch isn’t to hard to remember. downsampling for a photo share or email. it is better to reduce the size of an image so that way it is viewable on the largest monitor out there, rather then the image be larger than the biggest monitor there is, then there is no point.the six interpolationĀ settings is mainly about the methods of interpolation.witch has to do with photoshop pixels being inside of photoshop.



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